Disclosure 1: Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

We live in a stunning world filled with abundance and beauty, but much of our food has been compromised, our rivers and lakes have been contaminated which affects the quality of our drinking water, our sky is polluted, and ‘normal’ illnesses and diseases are on the rise. Will you be the one to step forward, reach out, make some changes in the way you live your life to be more healthy, vibrant and full of energy?

Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

Ditch the toxic commercial home cleaners and discover how to make your own green cleaning products. All recipes are made from simple kitchen ingredients from your pantry such as bicarb soda, white vinegar, salt, borax or fresh lemons.

Learn to Meditate (free ebook)


Australiana: Sacred Journey meditation

Australia is a land of diversity and contrast. From her dusty red desert in the centre to her golden sands and clear blue waters on the coastline. This guided meditation takes you on a journey through the sacred and ancient energies of Australia.

Violet Flame of Transformation meditation

The violet flame is a metaphysical flame of light and energy that, with pure intent, can be created to support the release of heavy, dense and negative energies that may be lying in or around a person’s body or energy field.

Healing Journey to Atlantis Guided Meditation

Merge with the energies of a gold and silver ball of light and journey beneath the oceans to the mystical temples of Atlantis. You enter into the golden healing temple, filled with crystals and a dome of stained glass.

Beginner's Relaxing Guided Meditation - mp3

This Beginner’s Relaxation Meditation is calming and soothing. You are guided on a gentle journey beginning with the breath. As you gently breathe in you feel the breath coming into your body.

Pool of Tranquility Guided Meditation mp3

The Pool of Tranquility meditation is a guided meditation where you you follow my voice as you become relaxed and calm journeying through a rainforest filled with palm trees with luscious green leaves.