Donna Attard is a holistic health therapist, and a passionate advocate for eco-living principles and animal welfare. Donna has made it her life’s mission to promote holistic wellbeing and eco friendly living practices for people and the environment. Raised in an Australian community surrounded by beaches and the bush, she developed an early appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Donna is a prolific author and recording artist. Her books and articles cover a variety of topics including natural wellbeing, eco living, the mind and body connection, and holistic pregnancy and parenting. Her audios include hypnotherapy visualisations and guided meditations for living a passionate and stress free life. Donna’s work sheds light on important issues which impact the very thread of our society.

As a mother and grandmother, Donna is deeply committed to creating a better world for this generation, and future generations to come. Whether she’s enjoying family time, facilitating meditation groups or leading mindful eco-living workshops, Donna embodies a spirit of passion and commitment to creating a more sustainable, loving and harmonious world for people and the planet.